SAN PEDRO (CBS) — In the wake of the San Bruno disaster,  many living here in the shadows of massive butane holding tanks are nervous about the possibility of another catastrophe happening much closer to home.

KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore Reports

The Rancho LPG tanks have been around for years and residents have long asked for them to be moved. Homeowners say first the Port of Los Angeles and then the city reneged on promises to do just that:  get rid of a potential 25 million gallon time bomb.

Homeowner Janet Gunter is one of those concerned citizens.

Resident: Harbor Area Hotbed Of “Multiple Hazardous Facilities”

The tanks’ owners have offered to meet with homeowners to discuss the situation, but Gunter says residents want less talk and more action.

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  1. True Lies says:

    LA/Long Beach harbor area has ALWAYS contained dangerous goods manufacturers. This has always been this way! Did these homeowners just wake up and figure this out now? I understand their concerns, we all do. BUT just where should these kinds of products be manufactured? NIMBY comes to mind and it is not cost effective to build these things away from human habitation! If you want to enjoy the fruits of commerce then you gotta put up with having dangerous stuff near homes, there is no other way to do it. If anyone else can come up with a different idea, then let’s have it. Complaining and whining about tanks too close to homes is kinda a moot point. If the home owners didn’t like it, NOBODY forced them to move there. Sorry but sniveling now about it now is like crying that the cow is gone and then shutting the barn door. These people are looking for grounds to sue somebody- it is the society we all live in today- TOTALLY controlled by money hungry trial lawyers.

    1. Janet Gunter says:

      These tanks in question were located there in 1979…. AFTER the major housing development went in!! This LPG facility acted as the catalyst for the Comptroller General of the US Government to create regulations to prevent any sitting of such a facility ever again in a densely populated area!1 It shouldn’t have happened then….and with full recognition of the enormous threat now…..Government should absolutely find the political will to protect it’s public from the looming hazard. Speaking of barns… must have been brought up in one not to understand the value of human life and our responsibility to protect it! Grow

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