You Will Read The Following, Then Say "So What"?By Kent Shocknek

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I hardly know where to begin: each day I come to this place, looking for something odd or outrageous, and new; and today, the pickin’s is slim. I know it’s not that  everything is going so right in the world, that there’s nothing worth mentioning;  it’s just that so much that’s odd or outrageous right now is just not …new (which is kinda crucial, with the definition of ‘news’).

City of Bell residents hoping to get property tax refunds after overpaying for years? A very important story, but we’ve become numb to the outratges that those residents have had to endure. 

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Lady gaga wears a dress made of cold cuts. Yawn…. (Anybody else think it’s interesting how she tells her zombie-like fan base to be original, then steals another ten pages from the Madonna playbook?)

Guy in Colorado gets busted for suspected DUI, then steals the squad car and gets caught all over again. Don’t we read about such things, about every three weeks, or so? –Not with the same guy, of course. I assume.

The Democrats are accusing the Republicans of …. oh, nevermind.

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But fear not: I am optomistic. By this time tomorrow, I’m sure someone will do something that’s insane. It’s a big world.