ORANGE (CBS) — One person was killed Sunday night when a van hit a compact car that had struck a couch on Interstate 5, a California Highway Patrol dispatcher said Monday.

A 2000 GMC Safari overturned after hitting a Corolla, which had struck the furniture. The middle-rear passenger from the Safari was ejected from the vehicle, he said.

Paramedics pronounced that person dead at the scene, Mitchell said.

The crash remains under investigation.

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Comments (7)
  1. Luka says:

    The police need to crack down on these overweighted pick up trucks on our streets. I constantly see large items falling on to the freeways.

  2. hmmmm says:

    I agree, not only dangerous but annoying. Lots of overloaded old pickup trucks on the fast lane going slower than all other traffic during rush hour.

  3. Crybaby Lebron says:

    Overweighted? Falling onto the freeways? Gotta love a society that allows people with an iq lower then their shoe size to respond!! LOL

  4. vudu says:

    It may have been dumped too, in whih case the dumpee could be charged in connection with the death somehow…… not that they will ever find who’s couch it was. Police to crack down on overweight trucks in some areas. I know for fact in the Sun Valley area motorcycle cops will spend all day pulling over overloaded trucks and taking them to nearby truck scakes to figure out their fine.

  5. True Lies says:

    Dollar to rat puckey it was some of our polite and always conscientious illegal alien friends from our southern neighbor. They sure know how to overload any truck – I see it every day, If anything falls off then somebody else will deal with it- they have’t got time

  6. vudu says:

    There is no way an illegal either dumped this couch or saw it fall off and kept going. The illegals collect and use discarded items like that. Whenever i throw something out of my house, i just set it on the curb and wihin a day or two they come an pick it up to either sell as scrap or clean up and use. I’ve left broken TVs, an old loveseat, a really old and non working refrigerator, a fan, an various other items out for hem. They don’t discard stuff like couches, thy collect them.

    1. nanny says:

      vudu, If you do ever leave a refrigerator at the curb again, please be sure to remove the door. So many children lose their lives after “hiding” in an old refrigerator and then suffocating because they can not get out. It does happen. Sorry totally off-topic but I just needed to say that. Thank you.