Malfeasance. Noun.\mal-'fee-zen(t)s\ "Unjustified Wrongdoing by Public Official"By Kent Shocknek

It’s not a wardrobe malfunction, because traffic reporter  Whitney’s in complete control. I like to think of it as malfeasance, because I don’t think there’s a real reason to do it, especially if  you’re a fashion role model like she is. (There, that covers all the bases: see ‘malfeasance’ definition, above.) 

Every day, as CBS2 News at 4:30 a.m. is getting under way, Whitney walks into the studio wearing her work wardrobe… wrapped up under some ridiculously huge “snuggy”-thing that looks like a monk’s robe, if the monk lived at the very top of the mountain in Tibet. A polar expedition would take this thing off, saying it makes them too warm. It has more insulation than a potholder factory. You get the idea.

I look at her like she’s crazy. She returns the favor. She says the studio is cold. I say it’s just right. Now, I understand that her traffic center (backstage) is not as warm as it is under the lights, but really…. Whitney’s a football fan, so her giant wrap has a sports motif. I’m trying to get her to model it on the air. $5 says it’ll never happen.