LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jurors decided an inmate assaulted with pepper spray by Los Angeles deputies for cursing at a jailer should get $405,000.

Alejandro Franco was a 23-year-old inmate in 2007 when three deputies pulled down his boxer shorts and pepper-sprayed his anus and groin. The deputies, who are no longer with the department, were upset with Franco because he cursed at a downtown jailer after being declined fresh laundry.

The Los Angeles Times says the federal jury’s decision Thursday comes about a week after prosecutors declined to file criminal charges against the deputies. Prosecutors say there was insufficient evidence and Franco was characterized as an unreliable witness.

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Comments (10)
  1. PAT CHILCOAT says:


  2. mike patten says:

    they should have sprayed it in his face and then fed him tito’s tacos……

  3. mike patten says:

    they should have sprayed it in his anus too and given him a rodney king hickory haircut……..

  4. Buck says:

    Hopefully he never gets to use that money maybe his restitution payments but no joy from it. Yes the jailers shoulda got his face. But if your behind bars for a reason no lawsuits

  5. Jip says:

    They should have used acid on him. Prison is not where you go to have rights. You lost them once you committed your crimes and everything is open at that time. Don’t like it, don’t do something stupid idiot.

  6. Good Lord says:

    Criminal trial nixed ’cause the guy is a liar. Tax payer money is all of our money. It’s the jury’s money too. $400K could have been spent on something better than some crook.

  7. Diana says:

    he has gone through a whole lot leave him alone he is a good guy

  8. al says:

    good guy? are you kidding me? so all i have to do to get 400k+ is beat my wife, then go vandalize some stuff cause my gang says so. HE DESERVES NOTHING, BUT A LESSON LEARNED.

  9. Texkreddog says:

    It is the mentality of this jury, and majority of California citizens, that demonstrates so very clearly to the rest of the nation why California is bankrupt. The jury award is more than what this illegal alien would make honestly in 10 lifetimes. California, you deserve what you get.

  10. John doe says:

    Its amazing how many idiots there are in this thread. The deputies actions were criminal themselves and they should be extremely thankful that they themselves are not in jail for it.
    This dude could have just as easily been anyone or anyone’s mother arrested for something as dumb as DUI cause they had one sip too much at a family gathering, wedding etc etc.

    Police should never be given carte blanc to act anyway they want without fear of accountability. I for one am glad the dude got an award. I hope the deputies enjoy paying it.

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