An investigator with Los Angeles County’s embattled children’s welfare agency reportedly falsified child death reports.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting Thursday that two senior managers at the county Department of Children and Family Services are complaining they faced a hostile work environment after telling their boss about deliberate falsification of at least three child fatality reports.

The civil allegations were filed in June.

The agency is already under fire for failing to report dozens of child deaths linked to abuse or neglect.

The Times says the Board of Supervisors has acted to remove county independent child death investigator Rosemarie Belda, who reports directly to the board. The five supervisors have declined comment.

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  1. Joan Smithj says:

    Isn’t this like the abuse by the priests? Everyone suspects it and no one does anything until they’re no longer able to ignore it. Sort of like the elephant in the room… right?… and still it takes forever to adopt a child. Probably because they’re so busy hiding the deaths.