SACRAMENTO (CBS 2) — Officials in the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department have announced the arrest of Los Angeles Lakers Matt Kelly Barnes on domestic violence charges.

Barnes, 30, and the woman he lives with both had “visible injuries” according to officials.

Police responded to an incomplete 911 call from the residence at 4:16 p.m. Wednesday.

During their investigation, police determined the woman who lives at the residence — who has a dating relationship with Barnes — was physically prevented from completing the call.

Cops decided he was the physical aggressor and took him into custody.

Barnes was booked on felony domestic violence charges as well as maliciously obstructing the use of a phone line.

He posted a $50,000 bond just after 9:35, say officials.

Barnes is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday.

Comments (6)
  1. leroybrown says:

    Ho looks like a punk. Deport him.

  2. Tim says:

    Hey Dave, I see a racist person. You!!. Cut some holes in your white sheet with the pointy hate so you can see better.

  3. notlovinLA says:

    I see just one of the many losers who are paid millions to buy themselves out of the criminal activity they’re involved in. No one will care about him beating on his girl. They only care whether he performs well on the NBA court. I guess that makes us all losers.

  4. movallakerfan says:

    I thought he was with that chic on the show, “Basketball Wives”? He isn’t that great of a player anyway, no we see what kind of man he is!!

  5. whoCares says:

    to notlovinLA, it appears that you are a bit jealous because you are not one of the “losers”(as you call them) who is making millions.

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