First the good news: we’re not the only ones. Not in California, not in the U.S. Now, the bad news: the bar has been set very low. In Great Britain, taxpayers have just picked up the tab for footbridges over a highway… for mice. About $290,000, U.S.

Orange U.K. reports that the three bridges will help the mice get to Talbot Green from Pontypridd. Why the mice would want to leave Pontypridd, I can’t imagine. Anyway, one beleaguered British taxpayer was quoted as saying “…taxpayers will think the council are taking the mickey.” I don’t think she meant Mickey Mouse, though that applies too. “Mickey” is just one of those charming things they say over there.

$290K for bridges for mice. I say, show the mice where the crosswalks are, pay a guy from their Cal-Trans $50 to give the mice a one-hour seminar on traffic signals, and let the chips fall where they may. Better that, than having the mice walk across the bridges in a windstorm, and letting them fall where they may.


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