SAN FRANCISCO (CNET) — Angry Birds? Slingshot? There are some great apps for that long subway ride or wait at the doctor’s office, and they only cost 99 cents!

“Doodle Jump” is about as simple as it gets, CNET’s Brian Tong reports. Using a character named Doodle, tilt the phone to jump from platform to platform. Items such as springs, a flying hat or a rocket pack will send users higher. If they find an enemy, they can shoot them or jump by them. But misses mean that the game is over.

Aother CNET favorite is “Angry Birds.” These birds are mad at the pigs who stole their eggs. There are 105 levels that get more tricky as users advance; Different birds can attack in different ways. It’s another great pick up game with a lot of replay value.

Another 99 cent classic is “Pocket God,” which lets users control the fate of Pygmies on an island. If you need to vent from your tough day at the office, you can even electrocute them. Better to do it by playing “Pocket God” than on the road.

CNET editors also love “Paper Toss.” Just flick a paper ball into a trash can and see how many you can get in a row. A fan blowing at different speeds mixes things up.

And the last 99 cent game is called “Zombie Smash.” Protect your house from a zombie invasion by flicking and throwing zombies around. And yes, you will look a little crazy playing this in public because it gets frenetic.

So there you have it, many ways to keep yourself entertained, and you don’t even have to buy a game console.

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CNET editor Brian Tong is the host of CNET TV’s Prizefight, The Apple Byte and How-To’s. Also makes guest appearances on the Buzz Out Loud podcast.


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