A wedding photographer exposed in a CBS 2 News undercover investigation has been busted. He’s accused of stealing memories of newlyweds by not delivering pictures. Now a judge wants him behind bars. Investigative Reporter David Goldstein has the story.

“An arrest warrant.”

The judge ordered him arrested.


Set bail at $100,000 for the wedding photographer who didn’t show up to face the charges.

“That’s an incredibly difficult shot at the Mission Inn.”

Three years ago, we went undercover to expose Alan Brent Carruth, who ran Alan Brent Photography.

“It takes the album company about 3-4 weeks to deliver the albums.”

He claimed to deliver pictures in just weeks… but we heard from outraged newlyweds and their parents — who claimed he took thousands of dollars — never delivered.

“I would not risk my daughter’s wedding to an —hole like you!”

“How many more victims have appeared so far?”

Now the city attorney has heard from the victims and filed charges.

“It’s about time. Because he hurt a lot of people.”

Marisa Edwards hired Alan Brent back in 2005.

“This is the last picture I had with my father,” she recalls.

We told her story in our original investigation — of how her dying father Warren walked her down the aisle — she never received all the pictures that she wanted to have.

“I was not able to accomplish that and I lost my father.”

The pain is still there.

“It hurts. Like right now. There isn’t a time I can’t tear up about it.”

The city attorney has, so far, filed eight counts of grand theft — eight newlyweds who claim they’ve been ripped off. But they say every day they receive more and more complaints.

For deputy city attorney, Onica Cole it hits home. “I just got married about seven months ago, so this is something near and dear to my heartand I can sympathize with witnesses coming forward.”

For now, the judge is recommending Carruth be thrown in jail — and couples who are long past being newlyweds — looking for justice after having their memories stolen.

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  1. loubon says:

    David, if you can like to see you do a report on LAPD retired chief Bernard Parks, raking in $265.000 year from police pension, $179.000 La city council, refuses to take a pay cut to to save others from losing their job. Lou BON

  2. John Suarez, Jr. says:

    David, I am a senior and at 61 I think I have just about seen it all. I am a truck driver for a sand and gravel outfit up here in Lancaster and it seems to be getting even harder for my wife and myself to get medical health coverage but that is not even the half of it. I tool my son to a county medical facility out in West Lancaster and after nearly three hours of waiting to be seen by a doctor, having to go through nasty attitudes from the nurses my son told me, they refused to see him because he did not have any type of mail sent to our address with his name on it and they sent him off as sick as he was and told him that just cause he was spitting out blood it was not serious enough for him to be seen at that facility. I personally had to search for a doctor to follow up on my blood pressure and it took me forever to find a doctor that would take cash. I cannot believe that today’s medicine is all about what type of insurance do you have? I enjoy your work and your style of reporting the news. Keep up the great work you so well!!

  3. David Lodge says:

    David: Have story on unethical practice of a large dental firm. Have willling inside and outrside ethical dental professional(s) willing to discuss with you ..

    BTW: You are the best investigative reporter. I love your style and fearless and intrepid character. Your camera man is great too!

    Call or write me if you like. Concerned;educated citizen.

  4. glen trout says:

    about diamonds this past sat 11 news can iget a re run

  5. ed says:

    this guy is a con man . i used to work for him when he ran a scam attorney office . throw the guy in jail !

  6. Pat Yuen says:

    This is what happens when a video story translates to print.

    It reads like someone wrote this piece on Twitter?

    One line at a time like this?

    With little substance or continuity.

    Just a series of sound bites.

  7. Chris says:

    David, my wife and I got married in 2004 and hired Alan Brent as the photographer. Like the couples in this piece, we too went through almost two years of frustration before this “photographer” provided us with most of what he promised. In that we are probably more fortunate than the others, though it took constant reminders and phone calls to get them and doing so while living in another state. Thank-you for your hard work and dedication to bringing this story to light and helping bringing this man to justice. There is no reason why people should go through what we, or the couples in your story, went through. Please keep us posted if there is a conviction on this “photographer”. Again, Thank-you

  8. A. Torres says:

    This guy was my photographer … WHAT A JOKE … i cant wait till tuesday to file me complaint with the attorney. I got married in 2004 as well and had multiple issues with this man. HE should serve time behind bars for the stuff that he has done to many. example …. my proofs has writing on the back of them with a ball point pen … not exactly writing more like drawings … It appears that he runs his business from home and his daughter prints the proofs etc. The child drew on the back of my proofs. UNACCEPTABLE PERIOD !!!!! Enjoy your lakeside home for now Alan…. Twin towers is in your future !!!!

    1. Vincent Ip says:

      David, Please let us know the outcome of the DWP workers that were caught drinking while on the job. Are they still on the job or the instance still under investigation?


    I have a Hispanic friend of mine that is being harassed by district atty and the legal system up in antelope valley with due process and without cause.
    I would like to speak to you about it in more detail. contact me by eamil at ggtech911@gmail.com thanks

  10. Danny says:


    Please do a report on Public Works Dept. workers. Every times I see these workers on a road repair job or whatever. It’s always always one guy digging or doing the work and 3 guys standing around with their hands in their pockets. Why do they sent out 4-5 guys to do a job since only one guy doing the work??? These guys aren’t cheap you know. For the city to pay them standing around is such a waste of taxpayer money.

  11. Maureen Lombardo says:

    I worked for the Housing Authority in 1995-1996 as a Senior Avocate. What a joke that job was. Let me know if you want to hear more

  12. Todd says:

    ALAN BRENT CARRUTH has been found GUILTY AS CHARGED and being sentenced on Friday 08/12/2011 @ LA Superior Court, 210 West Temple, Los Angeles, CA (Department 130).

    If you need information call:
    Morine @ LA County Department of Consumer Affairs (213) 974-9673

    I believe his daughter and wife are also guilty. He is getting 8 years in jail. We are all speaking to judge at the sentencing because he is throwing himself at the mercy of the court to get less time. I encourage all of you to be there.

    1. Victoria Davis says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Terri (his wife) is equally guilty in this. She helped him rip off thousands of people when he practiced law in California. Unfortunately I know them both, having worked for his law firm in the early 1990’s (I could only handle 2 years of it, as getting a paycheck out of him was almost impossible. It is unfortunate his intelligence and drive could not have been used for honest pursuits because he was quite talented as a lawyer, and could have done a lot of good. Instead all he did was give lawyers a bad name.

  13. Robert Klein says:

    UCLA Faculty Dental Clinic has some really incompetent dentists and because they have the power and money of UCLA behind them, they can get away with anything. When I complained with UCLA patient relations , they told me that they got many complaints. I wish David Goldstein would look into this. I don’t know if David Lodge, who also left a comment was also talking about UCLA Faculty Dentistry. What is also sad that no lawyer wants to touch a case involving UCLA.

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