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Top 5 Foolish Activities For April Fool’s Day in LA

March 27, 2012 12:00 PM


zap2it com1 Top 5 Foolish Activities For April Fool’s Day in LA


Want be a fool on April Fool’s? Then in between punking and pranking your friends, you may want to try these top five full-on foolish happenings from Orange County to Los Angeles. And yes, we pity the fool who does any of them. You’d be a fool to …
surf wedge Top 5 Foolish Activities For April Fool’s Day in LA


Surf the Wedge

E Ocean Front
Newport Beach, CA 92663

What kind of fool would want to be pounded by 20-foot towering monster waves that ricochet off a rocky jetty? Sick ones, that’s who. The Wedge, located at the south end of the Balboa Peninsula, is known for its serious danger — we’re talking concussions, fractured vertebrae and all kinds of broken bones. Bodysurfing and boogie boarding is one thing, but actually surfing the Wedge is just sick in the head. Fool versus cool? What say you?
adam sandler Top 5 Foolish Activities For April Fool’s Day in LA


See a Stupid Razzie Flick

More Info

The Razzies will announce their winners on April Fool’s Day this year. If you’re a fool, you can throw down your hard-earned cash to see some of these lame flicks (sorry, Sandler, you rated 11 ‘Worst in Film’ nods, but we still love you, in a Wedding Singer/Happy Gilmore kind of way). The Razzies are an Academy Awards spoof that singles out the worst movies of the year. Jack and Jill leads with 12 nominations, with Transformers coming in second with nine noms and Breaking Dawn right behind with eight. By the way, we have some fabulous oceanfront property in Arizona you can buy too, suckers.

ice cream Top 5 Foolish Activities For April Fool’s Day in LA


Pig Out at Farrell’s Pig’s Trough

The Shops at Mission Viejo
799 The Shops Blvd
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(949) 364-5411

Are you a fool, or pig? Who could eat this whole thing? The Pig’s Trough is an XXL banana split with two bananas, twice the amount of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, three toppings (chocolate sauce, strawberry and pineapple), whipped cream, nuts and a cherry. It’s enough to put you in a forever food coma. Good thing those drums will wake you. Bring triple the Tums and twice the Tylenol.
seadoo Top 5 Foolish Activities For April Fool’s Day in LA


Sea-Doo with the Sharks to Catalina

Dana Point to Avalon & Back
More Info

Basically you Sea-Doo-sprint insanely fast with limited visibility and lots of sharks from Dana Point to Avalon in this 58-mile offshore personal watercraft contest April 8, 2012. The waiver warns of assumption of risk for injury or death, where persons navigate in an aggressive manner, with collisions, mechanical failures, spinouts, loss of control and mental errors. And you also risk being lost and unable to be located by rescue teams. What the fool?

ugly dog Top 5 Foolish Activities For April Fool’s Day in LA


Take your ugly dog to Fashion Island

Fashion Island
401 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 721-2000

You want your dog to have a complex? To be laughed at and ridiculed by the most trending designer dogs in Newport Beach? Well that is the April Fool’s spirit. No, don’t do it. Nothing but “you-so-ugly, dawg” digs can come of it. If your pooch ain’t a princess, show dog or grand Great Dane, leave your one-eyed Hercules at home. If you really feel compelled to show off his or her inner canine cuteness, consider the upcoming Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma for the Ugliest Dog event June 22, 2012. No joke.

Debbie Lavdas is a Southern California freelance writer, and a fool on many occasions. Keep up with Debbie and her writings at and @deblavdas on Twitter.


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