Men’s Cold-Weather Fashion To Pick Up In Los Angeles

January 20, 2012 6:00 AM

(credit: Steven Alan)

By Alex Stillman

The leaves here in L.A. don’t change color significantly with the onset of cold weather, but that doesn’t mean you should stay in your summer uniform of flip-flops and cutoffs. Here are some trends to bundle up with.
boat neck sweater union Mens Cold Weather Fashion To Pick Up In Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Union

The Sweatshirt You Should Buy

110 S. La Brea
Los Angeles, CA
Hours: Mon to Sat 11am-7pm; Sun 12pm-6pm

The crewneck sweatshirt, a favorite of JFK (above) and Steve McQueen to name a few, is ultra-useful in every climate. That’s why it’s here at the top of the list. It’s a great layering piece that can give you an extra level of insulation on brisk nights, but light enough to be worn on its own, even with shorts, on a sunny weekend afternoon. Check out the eco-friendly, ultra-soft sweatshirt from Farmtactic at Silverlake’s Driftwood, or look for Wtaps’ subtly nautical, very stylish Boat Neck Sweater at Union, in Mid-Town.

 Mens Cold Weather Fashion To Pick Up In Los Angeles

Photo Credit: J.Crew

The Watch You Should Buy

J. Crew
189 The Grove Dr.
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 286-7595
Hours: Mon to Thurs 10am-9pm; Fri to Sat 10am-10pm
Website & Reviews

Nylon straps are the year’s most enduring trend in watches, and its most adaptable one. L.A.’s protracted, summer-y, occasionally stuffy-as-hell autumn allows us to work this look long into the colder seasons. The routine is pretty simple: either buy a Timex (like the handsome one above) from the great selection at J. Crew, or throw a nylon strap on a watch you already have. J. Crew has an extensive selection of straps, but you can find cool ones online for cheap. For an extra striking look, invest in an heirloom-quality vintage piece from a dealer like Wanna Buy A Watch (on Melrose). The juxtaposition of luxury and informality will be irresistible.

pocketsquare unionmade Mens Cold Weather Fashion To Pick Up In Los Angeles

Photo Credit: UNIONMADE

The Pattern You Should Reevaluate

225 26th Street
Santa Monica, CA
(310) 656-3373
Hours: Mon to Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 11am-5pm; Sun 12pm-6pm

Camouflage is really easy to screw up, but it’s “in” this season, and can be pretty cool if done tastefully. Focus on little accents: a tie, an iPad case, a pocket square. This will keep you from looking like you’re in costume. You can find this pocket square above from the Hill Side at UNIONMADE in Santa Monica.

lacose suzuka nordstrom Mens Cold Weather Fashion To Pick Up In Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

The Look You Should Get

Nordstrom The Grove (#349)
189 The Grove Drive
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 930-2230
Hours: Mon to Thurs 9am-10pm; Fri to Sat 10am-10pm; Sun 11am-8pm
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Every few years, preppy makes a resurgence. But this fall (and more importantly, the late summer), avoid the southern frat-boy look and dump the Vineyard Vines shorts; the hippest iteration of preppy has a distinctly “Richie Tenenbaum” feel. Anchored by a great pair of plimsols (try Conveyor at the Santa Monica Fred Segal) or some 70’s tennis-star-inspired-kicks (at Nordstrom), the vintage tennis-star look works best with a clean white polo, or repping this schoolboy-ish cricket sweater (via Urban Outfitters).

steven alan Mens Cold Weather Fashion To Pick Up In Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Steven Alan

The Designer You Should Watch

Steven Alan Outpost
1937 1/2 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 667-9500
Hours: Mon to Sat 11am-7pm; Sun 12pm-6pm
Website & Reviews

Steven Alan has this excellent vintage-ey rough-hewn vibe to his clothes that makes them seem comfortable and unfussy, but still very stylishly cut. Though the fall collection will bring heavier, more durable fabrics and something of a woodsier vibe, you’ll never be mistaken for another flannel-clad Silverlake hipster.

Alex Stillman is a journalism student and freelance writer in Los Angeles. He is a devout follower of fashion, football, and independent music.

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