DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ed At Vasquez Rocks

August 6, 2012 5:00 AM

dyr los angeles DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ed At Vasquez Rocks

“I like everything under the hood, power.”

The Ride
The Driver: Ed 
Car in Question: 2006 Dodge Ram Diesel
Spotted at: Vasquez Rocks, 10700 Escondido Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91390
Odometer: 76,959
Car’s Nickname: Big Blue


Q: Hi Ed. Welcome to Defend Your Ride L.A. What can you tell usa bout your vehicle?

A: I bought the truck five and a half years ago to pull my toys and trailers. I do drive it to work and like I said, I do have trailers I pull.

Q: How much time do you spend in it on a given day?

A: About an hour a day to and from work. Twenty miles each way. Favorite part is I do it at night and there’s hardly anybody on the road. The worst part is there’s hardly anybody on the road, which means that everybody who is on the road does stupid things.

Q: Can you given an example of a stupid thing you saw?

A: Using the freeway as a personal racetrack.

Q: That is dangerous. Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever driven to in this truck?

A: Vegas? Or Lake Isabella. It was about two or three years ago, Fourth of July weekend. I think everybody out there was drunk. Everybody on the road and at the lake were drunk. I don’t drink, so…

Q: How long were you up there?

A: About three days.

Q: So three days looking at drunk people.

A: Yeah, basically.

Q: Do you have any rules in your car?

A: No smoking. Do whatever you want, just no smoking. If you make a mess, clean it up.

Q: And what do you listen to in your car?

A: Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Browne, the news when I need to feel like something’s going on.

Q: If your car had a theme song, what would it be?

A: Oh, I haven’t thought about that. “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson?

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about your car today?

A: It doesn’t have an attitude problem. It does what I want it to do all the time. I have up to 800 foot-pounds of torque available to me and almost 500 horsepower. I have a power programmer that I plug in to get more power out of it when I want to.

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