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Best Dessert Trucks In Los Angeles

August 25, 2010 12:58 PM

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Babycakes NYC Cookie Sandwiches from the Sweets Truck. (credit:

Babycakes NYC Cookie Sandwiches from the Sweets Truck. (credit:

sweetstruckheader Best Dessert Trucks In Los Angeles

Babycakes NYC Cookie Sandwiches from the Sweets Truck. (credit:

How many times have you been struck with a sweets craving, but knew there wasn’t anything around to satisfy? Hold onto your waistbands, Los Angeles, because these tempting trucks are on their way to a neighborhood near you. Don’t know where to go? Check out their Twitter and Facebook feeds to track them down. – Arianna Armstrong
buttermilktruck Best Dessert Trucks In Los Angeles

Delicious goodness from the Buttermilk Truck. (credit:

Buttermilk Truck
Twitter: @buttermilktruck

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the Buttermilk truck is there to ensure that your needs are met at whatever time you need that fix. In addition to things like biscuits and omelettes and oatmeal, Buttermilk offers yeasty bits of deliciousness in the form of Hawaiian bread cinnamon French toast sticks, cinnamon waffles and pancake bites (available in flavors like red velvet chocolate chip). Consistently rated as one of LA’s best food trucks, it’s definitely worth a stop if you need to start (or end) the day with something sweet.

coolhaus Best Dessert Trucks In Los Angeles

The Coolhaus truck. (credit:

Cool Haus
Twitter: @COOLHAUS

Is it ice cream or architecture? Yes! The Coolhaus truck is the home to architecturally-inspired made-to-order ice cream sandwiches. Coolhaus uses gourmet, all-natural, artisan ice cream with flavors like brown butter w/candied bacon, sea salt caramel, balsamic fig & mascarpone, as well as more traditional flavors such as vanilla, coffee toffee and peanut butter. While not exactly DIY, these desserts are definitely CIY (choose it yourself), because after deciding on an ice cream, customers pick from a menu of cookies to transform their snack from simple scoop to specialty sammie.

getshaved Best Dessert Trucks In Los Angeles

Patrons line up at the Get Shaved truck. (credit:

Get Shaved
Twitter: @getshaved

To get shaved is, indeed, a popular activity during LA’s endless summers – Get Shaved shaved ice, that is. You get to control how far you go with it, whether you like it vanilla, or want to go wild with flavors like banana, boysenberry, green tea, lychee, tamarind and “tiger’s blood.” The Get Shaved truck also offers ice cream, floats and shakes. If you like toppings, they have sweetened condensed milk, Li Hing Mui powder, “sour spray,” and pico de gallo powder. Hot.

munchiemachine Best Dessert Trucks In Los Angeles

A look at the Munchie Machine website. (credit:

Munchie Machine
Twitter: @munchiemachine1

Although people rave about the Munchie Machine’s grilled sandwiches – with choice of bread and sometimes cheese – it is the Munchie Machine’s award-winning smores that really get folks fired up. Graham crackers and chocolate come standard, but the real treat is the three types of marshmallow (caramel, coconut, cinnamon), that “Doo” people right. Diet? You would’ve gotten away with it, if it hadn’t been for that meddling truck!

sweetstruck Best Dessert Trucks In Los Angeles

The Sweets Truck. (credit:

Sweets Truck

How sweet it is! The Sweets Truck calls itself a “mobile café and bake shop,” and offers a range of local chef-made desserts and pastries, as well as favorite candies and coffee. While their desserts are both [Molly] Taylor-made and culled from the crème de la crème of cookie and cake bakers around LA, a portion of the proceeds go to supporting charities and responsible packaging, like eco paper and plastics.

Arianna Armstrong is a freelance food and wine writer who eats, drinks and sleeps in Los Angeles. You can read more about her delicious escapades at, and
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