Best Barre Hybrid Studios In Los Angeles

November 26, 2012 6:00 AM

header1 Best Barre Hybrid Studios In Los Angeles

Sara Kapuchinski of I Heart Fitness XO in Studio City. (credit: Lululemon)

Thanks to barre workouts, a dancer’s body can be achieved by anyone willing to work for it. The most advanced boutique studios have evolved standard barre routines by remixing them with exercises found outside of the ballet box.

The fitness classes at these studios keep muscles confused, trembling and on their toes, which is exactly where you want them to be to continue seeing results.

iheartfitnessxo Best Barre Hybrid Studios In Los Angeles

(credit: David Vincent Wolf)

I Heart Fitness XO

Ridgemoor Square
11440 Ventura Blvd. Suite #107
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 506-8411

This studio is home to one of the most comprehensive workouts available in all of Los Angeles. Classes consist of an intense fusion of barre, traditional Pilates, strength training and cardio. Just as an artist needs the best paintbrush to create a masterpiece, a workout needs state-of-the-art equipment to ensure optimal performance. Routines utilize a variety of equipment: Barre, Pilates springboard, mat, hand weights and the “FitFormer,” an elite reformer that amps up the intensity that traditional versions lack.

Says owner/instructor Sara Kapuchinski, “When I decided to open a studio, I knew that I wanted to offer the kind of classes that I would want: High energy, fun, time flying by, clearly instructed, difficult classes. What could be better?”

thedaileymethod Best Barre Hybrid Studios In Los Angeles

(credit: The Dailey Method Venice)

The Dailey Method

1327 1/2 B Abbot Kinney Street
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 396-1500

“Founded in 2000 by Jill Dailey McIntosh, The Dailey Method was the first barre class on the West Coast and is the only barre class founded by an instructor with a degree in kinesiology.” (Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement.) Traditional ballet barre work is combined with orthopedic exercises, muscle strengthening, yoga and core conditioning with an emphasis on proper alignment at the start of each move.

The sun-kissed Venice studio is conveniently located adjacent to Intellgentsia off Abbot Kinney Boulevard. It’s worth mentioning the childcare loft, a rare feature and asset to busy moms that want to get back on track with their fitness goals. The studio owners are friends-turned-serendipitous business partners, Tenaya Cardoso and Michelle Lazarus (in partnership with TDM). The passionate duo is excited to bring the ever-evolving techniques this workout offers to their hometown community.

popphysique Best Barre Hybrid Studios In Los Angeles

(credit: Pop Physique)

Pop Physique Hollywood

1947 Cahuenga Blvd, Suite 101
Los Angeles, CA. 90068

Popular for its hip and edgy style, Pop Physique is a fitness brand created by Jennifer and Deric Williams. Jennifer, a former professional ballet dancer and Pilates instructor, was inspired by the Lotte Berk technique when she developed her classes, affectionately referred to as “butt school” by devoted clients.

The deceptively rigorous class marries isometrics, cardio, Pilates, stretches and barre work, all set to killer playlists to help students power through. Hollywood studio owner/instructor Bridget Cronley leads classes with swift, smooth transitions of long sets targeting various areas of the body. Instruction is constant and clear with classes taking place in a roomy loft-like space that surrounds students in a modern chic environment.

themainbarre Best Barre Hybrid Studios In Los Angeles

(credit: Donnie Madden)

The Main Barre

560 South Main St. Suite 4W
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 623-1213

The Main Barre is a wonderful workout that incorporates a mix of ballet, pilates and yoga, choreographed to great music that will literally change and sculpt your body from head to toe. There is extra emphasis on abs and core, a component that owner/instructor Audra Skaates observed as too restrictive and an injury risk at other barre studios she taught at previously. The workout also integrates lightweight resistance training, core strengthening, isometric movements and stretches.

The distinct ambiance and incredible Downtown L.A. views differ from your traditional barre studio. There is a warm, non-intimidating community feel here, a refreshing anomaly in the rushed pace of city-dwelling lifestyles.

gst Best Barre Hybrid Studios In Los Angeles

(credit: Stefanie Bernhard)


7562 West Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(310) 895-9993

Instructor/owner Anna Rahe is the innovator behind “Grace Somatomorphic Technique” (GST), a technique that is said to dramatically transform the body, improve athletic gains and rehabilitate pain and injury. This unique practice assigns muscle actions against dynamic oppositional forces. Ultimately, the goal is teaching muscles to work differently. The “AAA Workout” with Rahe works the arms, abs and the other 3-letter “a” word to address the assets where many desire to see results. It’s a class that incorporates barre, springboards and dynamic total body movement patterns against various leverages and frictions.

Within the narrowly shaped studio, two opposing mirrored walls contain what can easily be perceived as intimidating equipment coupled with foreign workout techniques. First-time class goers may find it difficult to follow, however with continued exposure, this distinct workout could be the answer your body has been waiting to discover.

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