Best Anti-Football Bars In Orange County

September 20, 2012 6:00 AM

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pub Best Anti Football Bars In Orange County

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If it’s Sunday or Monday night and you want to catch up with some friends, just about any bar or restaurant with a big screen is going to be blaring the biggest sports game. But what if sports aren’t your bag? What if you need to actually hear your friends? Well, take a look at this list of great places to eat, drink and actually talk without the disruption of rowdy football fans.

The Seafood Shack
7681 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, CA 92863
(714) 899-6100

This Cajun-inspired restaurant has the drinks you need, seafood you crave and lack of noise you deserve. It still has nice televisions on the wall along with enough crawfish to satisfy your wildest seafood dreams. The Seafood Shack is a great place to order a giant bucket of food and split it between your friends instead of ordering a bowl of chips and smashing them into pieces when the quarterback on your fantasy football team throws an interception.

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Wardlow Station
1174 E Wardlow Road
Long Beach, CA 90807
(562) 427-4630

Considered a great representation of dive bars, Wardlow Station serves some of the cheapest drinks in Orange County. It offers a bit of sport with its giant claw machine that allows patrons to pick out their very own live lobster, before it becomes very un-lively. Play some pool and eat some tasty tacos, but avoid making any eye contact during bathroom visits or outdoor smoking sessions if you’re decked out in sports regalia as you may be gawked at.

The Stache
941 E 4th St
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 606-2529

This place has all of the class and dignity a drunken, peanut-filled sports bar often lacks. Grab a mug of original ginger beer or sit down with a menu filled with organic cocktails. The Stache’s local and organic angles probably make the jocks a bit scared, but it does serve the traditional domestics for those squeamish about trying something new. Listing the alcohol level next to each drink is a nice touch.

Johnny’s Saloon
17428 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 848-0676

Upon entering this establishment, don’t be afraid. All of the black motif and graffiti might scare away the weak, but those looking for some great drinks and even better people will find all that they need on a Sunday or Monday night. The staff is extremely friendly and personable, the atmosphere is one of “live and let live” and the jukebox has enough upbeat tunes to raise the testosterone without the use of a ball or bat.

The Fling
2370 N Tustin Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 547-8972

Other than having one of the best bar names available, The Fling has the right mix of classic music, classic atmosphere, and well, classic class. As if a tornado ripped off a Vegas bar during the height of Elvis Presley’s fame and dropped it into Orange County, the live country music, cheap whiskey and free peanuts should keep you coming back weekend after weekend, even after the season has ended.

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