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New Year’s Weight Goals May Be Made Easier Through DNA Fitness Test

If you’re trying different approaches to losing weight or getting fit, and nothing seems to be working, the answer may be in your DNA, rather than your diet.


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Abercrombie & Fitch CEO’s Alleged Comments About ‘Larger’ Shoppers Strike An Angry Chord With Women

Controversial comments about plus-size shoppers allegedly made by the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch have struck an angry chord with women.

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Animal Obesity A Growing Problem In The US

Much like their human owners, animals have to deal with unwanted weight, too.

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Woman Claims Knott’s Scary Farm Employees Harassed Her About Her Weight

BUENA PARK (CBSLA.com) — A Southland woman is speaking out against Knott’s Scary Farm after she claims she was harassed by park employees because of her weight. “I won’t ever go back there,” said Nicole, […]


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From Skinny Jeans To Stretch Pants

Doctors recommend pregnant women, of average weight, gain 25 to 35 pounds during their pregnancy. I gained 60.


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Eat Cookies, Lose Weight? Dr. Sass Says It’s True!

Eating cookies could make you skinnier!

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Aretha Franklin Loses 85 Pounds, Says She Was ‘Entirely Too Fat’

Aretha Franklin says she’s lost 85 pounds as part of an ongoing effort to drop weight.


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Virtual Lap-Band Procedure Could Help Some Lose Weight

Allison Harden is being wheeled into an operating room, about to have gastric-band surgery. She can hear the operating staff, the monitors — it seems so real.

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Inaccurate Luggage Scales Could Cost You Big Money

If you are flying this holiday season, how do you know the luggage scale at the airport is accurate? Before you get hit with big fees, take a look at what we found.


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‘Do I Look Fat?’: Campus Ban Says Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Friends don’t let friends talk fat — at least according to the organizers behind a new drive aimed at restoring healthy body image to college campus across the U.S.