Best Clubs For Moombahton In LAWhen electronic dance music guru Dave Nada fathered moombahton in 2009, the Los Angeles resident gave rise to an explosive music sub-genre that has swept the world's dance clubs like a monstrous firestorm. Nada's original style, which marries melodramatic Dutch house to laid-back raggaeton, has since spawned generational offshoots of cultural significance now spiced with elements of Latin, classical, blues, jazz, rock, funk, rap and other secular and cosmopolitan tunes. "There are lots of cumbia and hip-hop mixes these days," said west coast turntablist DJ Shapeshifter. "That's what I play." While the sexy sounds of this nouveau trend continue to transmogrify into what has become a colorful coat of many arms, here is a select list of where to hear this music as it develops.

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