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Los Angeles’ Most Expensive Restaurants

In the city where money is no object, dropping a few hundred (if not thousands) on a Saturday night dinner is par for the course in and around Los Angeles. So where are these fancy […]


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Best Sushi In Los Angeles

Celebrate National Sushi Day with the best of the best.


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Best Expensive Sushi in Los Angeles

Los Angeles offers some of the best expensive sushi restaurant options.


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Best Sushi Restaurants for a Date

Small bites and diverse flavor options make Sushi the best way share an evening together.


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Dine In True Luxury At Urasawa For Sushi In Beverly Hills

If you are ready for the most extravagant, most luxurious dinner available, then you’ll want to visit Urasawa. This exclusive restaurant in Beverly Hills is one of the most expensive in the country, but it is worth every penny.


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Best of L.A. Sushi

A gourmet delicacy and a supermarket staple, Sushi has ascended its way into American culture.

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The Most Expensive Restaurants In Los Angeles

Is that black Amex card burning a hole in your wallet? We know a few chefs who would gladly help you make good use of it. From sushi to steak to foie gras cotton candy, […]