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Information Security Becomes Desirable Career Path In L.A.

UCLA Extension’s Dr. Varaz Shahmirian says earning a certificate in an information technology area helps applicants seek and secure high-end tech jobs in Los Angeles.


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Practicums Help Interpreters Land Jobs In L.A.’s Justice System

With job prospects for interpreters in ample supply, Fernando Becerra, Jr., says the practicum program he created at UCLA Extension is designed to help legal-minded students in Los Angeles reach success.


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Continuing Education Leads To Worthier Job Opportunities In L.A.

UCLA Extension’s Van Anderson says in order to compete for higher wages and better positions, employees need to beef up their skills by enrolling in a continuing education program.


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The Digital Age Opens More Doors For L.A.’s Legal Secretaries

UCLA Extension’s Deborah Deutsch says legal secretaries that are keeping pace with technological advancements are the ones securing sustainable careers.


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Java Developers Sit At Apex Of New Tech Revolution In L.A.

Software engineer Amir Hallajpour says future computer programmers in Los Angeles are preparing for an expansive Java development marketplace by learning directly from industry professionals.


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Substance Abuse Counselors In LA Will Be Gainfully Employed In Coming Years

Psychotherapist Betsy Spier, an instructor at UCLA Extension, says substance abuse counselors in Los Angeles are expected to be in high demand in coming years.


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Job Opportunities For Fundraising Managers On The Rise In LA

Veteran fundraising consultant Pamela Barden says continuing education is the key to compete for the growing number of fundraising management jobs in Los Angeles.


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Emergency Management Experts Will Always Be In Demand In LA

As LA remains prone to nearly every calamity known to man, lucrative job opportunities for emergency management professionals will continue to grow.


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Tech-Savvy Business Managers In Growing Demand In Los Angeles

Local professor explains how students these days can stay in demand as they launch and grow their careers.


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Medical Managers In LA Prepare For An Influx Of Job Applicants In The Next Several Years

UCLA Extension’s Dr. Ric Zappala explains what’s being done to help prepare health care managers for a wave of job opportunities heading their way.


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Teachers With Foreign Language Skills Can Earn Mucho Dinero In LA

UCLA Extension’s Stephane Antoine Muller says the educators that earn the most money in L.A. have mastered several different languages.


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Need For Special Educators Are On The Rise In LA

UCLA Extension’s Eric Latham says special education teachers in LA learn to become good communicators while experiencing cultural diversity.


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Why Sociology Remains An Ideal Course Of Study In LA

UCLA Extension’s Dr. Terri Anderson says sociology students in Los Angeles don’t need to become sociologists to benefit from their degrees.


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A Flourishing Sustainability Field Takes Root In LA

UCLA Extension’s Nurit Katz says the expanding field of sustainability is cultivating relevant job opportunities throughout Los Angeles.


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LA Is Actively Seeking Cyber Security Experts

Information security veteran David Lam says schools and associations in LA are now preparing computer practitioners for a lucrative profession in the cybersecurity field.