USC Students Prep For Age Of UAVs With Drone Safety Course A scenario is unfolding inside a warehouse in El Sereno to give students an education into the safe operation of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).
FAA Reveals Proposals For New Regulations On Commercial Drone UseThe Federal Aviation Administration has revealed new proposals for regulations supporting the commercial use of small drones.
Near Miss At LAX May Spark Tighter Regulations On Drone UseSome in the aviation community are calling for tighter laws and regulations after a potentially hazardous event was avoided at LAX involving a commercial flight and a drone.
NASA's Innovative Ground Collision Avoidance System Could Save Hundreds Every YearMost air travelers don't know it, but NASA is with you when you fly.
Anti-Drone Activists Warn Of LAPD 'Mission Creep' At Downtown Rally Community activists Thursday held a rally at City Hall against the recent acquisition of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) - or drones - by the Los Angeles Police Department.
LAPD Moves Closer To Testing Aerial Drones For 'Tactical Events' Chief Charlie Beck says police could soon begin using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) during manhunts, standoffs and other "tactical events".
The Age Of Drones: Military May Be Using Drones In US To Help Police A revised Air Force report is renewing privacy fears as drones appear poised to soon become a ubiquitous presence in the skies above U.S. cities.
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