Mavericks Troll Clippers, DeAndre Jordan After Wednesday's WinAfter the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 118-108, the team took to Twitter to further the humiliation.
LA's Athletes Give Their Thanks To Our Veterans Via Twitter Members of the Dodgers, Angels, Kings, Galaxy, Clippers, and Lakers all tweeted out their support for Veterans across the country.
#ThxBirthControl: Women Take To Twitter To Express Gratitude For Contraceptives"Thanks, Birth Control!" That’s the message that spread on Twitter and other sites Tuesday as part of a social media campaign that asks people to express gratitude for contraceptives and how their lives have been impacted.
Vivica A. Fox, Ex-Boyfriend 50 Cent Embroiled In Online War After She Questions His SexualityActress Vivica A. Fox has set off a firestorm over comments she made about her ex-boyfriend Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson on Sunday's "Watch What Happens Live."
'You Can Say A Lot With A Heart': Twitter Replaces Star Icon With HeartThe social media site has replaced its star icon used to indicate a favorite tweet with a heart.
'Trumpkin' Goes Viral: Woman Crafts Pumpkin In Donald Trump's LikenessAn artist in Ohio known for crafting gourds into celebrity caricatures has turned a 374-pound pumpkin into Donald Trump.
Schumers (Senator Chuck, Comedian Amy) Step Up Their 'Crusade On Guns'They're trying to create a national groundswell forcing a vote.
Twitter Blowing Up Over Odd Poll Asking Users If They Would Kill Hitler As A BabyThe poll was: "Dear Reader: Could you kill a baby Hitler?"
Twitter Threat Prompts Lockdown At High School In Pico RiveraA threat on a Twitter account Thursday prompted a lockdown at El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera, and authorities say a male student was detained for questioning.
IHOP Gets Flak For Tweets Comparing Pancakes To BreastsSomeone's on IHOP's marketing team probably got a stern talking to after posting suggestive tweets likening pancakes to breasts.
Company Brings New Meaning To Phrase 'Chicken Scratch' With Live Tweeting Bird Named BettyA company in Australia is bringing new meaning to the phrase "chicken scratch."
Trump Live-Tweeting Democratic Debate Proves Clever Way To Steal SpotlightRepublican presidential front-runner Donald Trump wasn't impressed by his Democratic rivals' performance during their first debate Tuesday night.
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