Judge Rules 'Shield' Actor Accused Of Murder Can Testify About Wife's AffairMichael Jace shot his wife in their Los Angeles home on May 19, 2014, while their two young sons were present.
OJ - 20 Years Later: Danny BakewellAt least one leader in the local African-American community says he believes justice did prevail in the Simpson murder trial.
OJ - 20 Years Later: Joe HicksLongtime civil rights leader Joe Hicks says reaction to the verdict was a stark reminder of how people of different races see things very differently.
OJ - 20 Years Later: Fred & Kim Goldman The father of murder victim Ron Goldman says he believes OJ got away with murder,
OJ - 20 Years Later: Tanya BrownNicole Simpson's youngest sister recalls the emotions and the chaos when she and her family learned that Nicole was dead.
OJ - 20 Years Later: Kato KaelinThe man who lived in OJ Simpson's guest house and testified at the trial says at times the courtroom drama seemed like a "joke."
OJ - 20 Years Later: Tom LangeTwenty years after the verdict, lead detective Tom Lange says it still stings when people accuse the LAPD of planting evidence.
OJ - 20 Years Later: Alan Dershowitz Dream Team attorney Alan Dershowitz was just a few feet away when OJ Simpson tried on the fateful glove.
OJ - 20 Years Later: Dr. Robert Thompson The O.J. Simpson trial led the way to big changes in the way the media cover the courts.
Appeals Court Clears Way For Trial Over Dancing Baby VideoA federal appeals court Monday cleared the way for a trial in a copyright lawsuit over a YouTube video showing a baby dancing to the Prince song "Let's Go Crazy."
Opening Statements Made In Trial Of Doctor Accused In 3 Drug DeathsOpening statements were made Monday in the landmark trial of a Los Angeles County doctor accused of murder.
Closing Arguments Heard In Trial Of Man Suspected Of Sexually Assaulting 10-Year-Old GirlProsecution and defense attorneys on Monday presented closing arguments in the trial of Tobias Summers, the 34-year-old man suspected of kidnapping and raping a 10-year-old Northridge girl two and a half years ago.
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