The Varnish

Best Speakeasies in LABack in the days of Prohibition, bars were secret and underground. Although alcohol is legal again and we can all drink freely, it’s still a little thrilling to visit places that are somewhat hidden from public view or have an exclusive theme.
Best Secret Bars In Los AngelesWe have searched far and wide, leaving no stone unturned, to find you these truly remarkable hidden bars that pay homage to the shadowy glamour and clandestine fun of the Prohibition Era.
Best Cocktail Bars In Los AngelesFor drinks you've never heard of, try visiting any one of these cocktail bars in Los Angeles.
A Dark, Discreet And Romantic Speakeasy In Los Angeles: The VarnishFor a different, more old school romantic date, try The Varnish. The dark, speakeasy vibe will make for easy conversation and stiff drinks.
Sandwich Generation

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