The Cellar

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Best Lobster Bisque In Orange County

Lobster has been a delicacy for Americans for many years but was once considered a poor man’s food and was even used as fishing bait. If you want the flavor of lobster this summer but not all the work, try a bowl of warm creamy lobster bisque.

CBS Los Angeles–08/25/2015

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Romantic Dining Underground At The Cellar

Enjoy a romantic night to remember. Dinner at The Cellar will transport you to an underground world filled with romance and elegance.


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Best Cheese Shops In Orange County

Cheese is more than something you put on sandwiches or mix into pasta. Cheese is a food to be savored, particularly with a wine or a beer that complements it. Europeans know this, but Americans at the very least are only now catching on to the importance of cheese. Here are some of the best places in the county to get artisan cheese instead of that plastic-wrapped stuff.

CBS Los Angeles–01/09/2013


Best Places for Rekindling Romance in Orange County

Whether it’s dirty diapers, back-to-school shopping or that post-honeymoon flurry, when it’s time for a breather with your honey, Orange County is the place to be. Time restrictions cause tension between you and your significant other, which can only mean one thing: It‘s time for a romantic getaway. The best places for rekindling the romance promise everything couples need to get right back on track.

CBS Los Angeles–08/03/2012

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Best Bars To Watch the Superbowl in Orange County

Didn’t get invited to a party for the big game? Make your own at one of these top OC bars.

CBS Los Angeles–01/30/2012