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Opinion: Romney’s 47% Don’t Pay Taxes Remark Shows He’s Exactly Who We Thought He Was

The recently released tape of Romney speaking to donors at a closed door fundraiser has exposed Mitt Romney to, in fact, be the person Democrats have portrayed him to be: a rich, out of touch, arrogant man that has no respect or connection to the American middle class and absolutely no interest in making the American middle class stronger.


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Opinion: Obama’s Latest Class Warfare Speech

Obama’s latest speech on tax cuts for the middle class is just a retread of his tired class warfare rhetoric and strategy.


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California To Endure Nearly $1 Billion In Midyear Budget Cuts

The Los Angeles Unified School District plans to file a lawsuit Wednesday in hopes of blocking $38 million in cuts to the district’s transportation program.

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Calif. Rep. Wants Shared Sacrifice In Debt Talks

California Rep. Xavier Becerra says the final recommendation from a panel examining ways to reduce the nation’s debt will have to ask everyone to sacrifice before he can support it.


Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin speaks at a dinner celebrating former US president Ronald Reagan on the centennial of his birth, at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, February 4, 2011. Reagan, who died in 2004 at the age of 93, would have been 100 years old on February 6. (credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Palin Says America Is On The ‘Road To Ruin’

America is on a “road to ruin” because of misguided policies in Washington and needs to get back in step with the values of Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin said at an event honoring the former president’s legacy.

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Jobless Benefits Expire For 185,000 Californians

Unless lawmakers in Washington come up with a compromise on the Bush-era tax cuts, it’s the end of the line for hundreds of thousands of people living off of unemployment benefits.


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Obama Defends Decision To Extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts

President Barack Obama on Tuesday staunchly defended his decision to compromise with Republicans and temporarily extend about-to-expire tax cuts for all Americans.

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Tax The Rich? LA Residents Mixed On Expiring Cuts

As Congress reconvenes to determine whether the Bush-era tax cuts will live on, many Angelenos say it’s time to for more to pay their fair share.

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