LA Metro Planning Smartphone App To Pay For TripsMetro riders may soon be able to pay for their trips through a smartphone app, with the Cubic Corp. announcing today it has been awarded a contract with the transit agency to develop the device.
Best Places For Tap Dancing Lessons In Los AngelesThere are several unique dance studios that offer specialty classes in authentic tap dancing.
Yellow Tap Water Has Sierra Madre Residents Seeing RedThey say the water is perfectly safe to drink - but residents call it embarrassing.
Water Source Switch May Pose Risk To Sierra Madre Residents On Dialysis The city of Sierra Madre is preparing to temporarily change its source of water supply - which could potentially pose a health risk to some residents.
Metro TAP Card To Unlock Subway Turnstiles At Union StationSubway riders traveling on Metro trains through downtown Los Angeles will soon need a special card to get through Union Station.
KNX On Your Corner: Sierra Madre Tap WaterIt's virtually unheard of anywhere but here - and Sierra Madre residents are proud to say they drink tap water.
EPA: 'We Know' Of Chromium-6 Contamination In Burbank, Glendale Drinking Water The cancer-causing chemical made infamous in a Hollywood blockbuster is now the focus of a widening EPA investigation in the San Fernando Valley.
Feds To Cut Fluoride Levels In US Tap WaterFluoridation has been fought for decades by people who worried about its effects, including conspiracy theorists who feared it was a plot to make people submissive to government power.
Officials Say Tap Water In Barstow Is Now SafeThe ban on drinking tap water in the Mojave Desert town of Barstow has been lifted, four days after tests showed the water was tainted with a chemical used in rocket fuel.

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