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Critics Call PacSun Shirt Depicting Upside-Down American Flag ‘Disrespectful’

The American Flag is printed onto bikini’s, hats and all manner of apparel. But there’s a shirt being sold at PacSun showing a black and white upside-down American flag that has some Memorial Day shoppers up in arms.


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Teen Says She Was Sent Home After Refusing To Change Shirt School Thought Glorified Suicide

A Southland teenager says she was sent home from school because the administration thought her T-shirt glamorized suicide.


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Gear Up With The Tri Big Play T-Shirt

Make room in your closet this season for some fresh looks for game-day (or those days you just want to brag about your team’s win). Just becuase football is back doesn’t mean summer has to end. Protest the onset of winter while supporting your team in the Tri Big Play Reglan T-Shirt from Nike.


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OC High School Apologizes After Forcing Student To Remove NRA T-Shirt

A high school principal has apologized for forcing a 16-year-old student to remove her National Rifle Association shirt last month.

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Report: Dead Pig In Romney Shirt Found At Manhattan Beach GOP Headquarters

A dead pig wrapped in a Mitt Romney t-shirt was found dumped at the South Bay Republican Party campaign office Thursday.

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Singles Try To Sniff Out Love At Pheromone Parties

Sniff your way to love? Singles who have attended so-called pheromone parties haven’t ruled it out.


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Motorcycle Gang Sues Over ‘My Boyfriend’s A Hell’s Angel’ T-Shirt

A local fashion house is set to face the legal wrath of a very powerful enemy: the Hell’s Angels.

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Dodgers Shirt Pokes Fun At Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

Nike has released a new shirt in time for Spring Training