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Ask An Expert: This Summer’s Swimsuit Trends

As the temperature rises, sunbathers emerge from dressing rooms seeking that perfect swimsuit to show off their tan. In sitting down with a local expert, we discover what the newest trends in swimwear are straight from the swimwear designer’s mouth. Alexandra Grief, co-owner of Montce Swim, Hermosa Beach’s newest swimwear boutique, gives her expert opinions.


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Best Stores For Swimsuits In Orange County

Find your next swimsuit this season at these best stores for swimsuits in OC.


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OC Expert’s Tips For Your Next Swimsuit

Lan Tran, owner of Skinny Bitch Apparel in Orange County, says no matter what your body type, you can be confident and look your best in beachwear that suits you.

CBS Los Angeles–05/12/2013

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LA Stylist’s Tips For Swimsuit Shopping

To help you feel confident the next time you’re at the beach or swimming pool, stylist Laurie Brucker has five tips on fitting a swimsuit to fit your body type.

CBS Los Angeles–04/02/2013

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LA’s Hottest Swimwear

Katy Perry was right about “California Gurls” — we love seeing them in those Daisy Dukes and bikini’s on top. But come to think of it, in Los Angeles we’ve seen some men dressed that way on the beach, too. Here are a few of our favorite shops where people buy beach attire.


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Bikini Flash Mob Shocks Shoppers At The Grove

What happens when you take a sunny day in Los Angeles and mix two parts bikinis and swimsuits with one part cool music mashup? This video, that’s what – you’ve got to check this one out!


Printed Bikinis

People In Curious Swimsuits, And More

Randomness: Just think of the following as a collection of tweets that you can get all at once, without having to wait. PS– if you’re not following KentShocknek on Twitter, then you’re missing… uh, well; […]