Stories Books and Café

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Best LA Coffee Shops Where You Can Read

It’s nice to find independent bookstores in Los Angeles where you can have some coffee, buy a book and just relax and get away from the outside world. Here are few to check out.

CBS Los Angeles–04/12/2015


For Romance Immersed In Reading, Take Your Date To Stories Books And Cafe

Stories Books and Cafe is a fun, unique book store with amazing coffee and bites to make for a perfect day.


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LA Stylists Offer Suit Shopping Tips

Fall is upon us in Los Angeles and we are now in shopping mode for fall and winter clothes, including suits for the office or for that special occasion. The tips in this article will lead you in the right direction on how to find the perfect suit.

CBS Los Angeles–09/24/2013

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Community-Centered Bookstores In LA

The past few years have been tough on bookstores, not only because of the economy but due to the increased popularity of electronic readers. Here are five community bookstores in Los Angeles happy to sprinkle your life with culture.

CBS Los Angeles–05/20/2013