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WeHo Launches Anti-‘Door Spam’ Effort To Keep Away Unwanted Ads

The bilingual “Stop Door Spam” campaign will provide residents with placards telling advertisers to stay way from their home.

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Money 101: Anti-‘Cramming’ Technology

Mike Blecher and Kathleen Dunleavy of Sprint give us a peek into new phone technology that prevents unwanted text messages from being delivered to your phone.



Scammers Target Twitter, Google Searches For Bin Laden Death

If you’re looking for images of the al-Qaida leader’s gory death, don’t bother: not only do they not exist, but the search could hurt infect your computer.


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Apple, Mobile Phones Top McAfee’s List Of Potential Targets

The internet security firm McAfee Tuesday released its 2011 Threat Prediction Report and Apple, mobile devices and geolocation services topped its list for potential targets.

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Passengers On Powerless Cruise Eat Spam, Pop Tarts

In a scenario likely none of its more than 3,000 passengers pictured when they planned their seven-day jaunt on the Mexican Riviera, the disabled cruise liner was being towed to San Diego by tugboats. Instead of a lavish seafood buffet, passengers were subsisting on Spam.