SpaceX Announces Plans To Send Dragon Spacecraft To Mars As Soon As 2018Hawthorne-based aerospace company SpaceX announced plans Wednesday to send one of the company's Dragon spaceships to Mars as soon as 2018.
NASA Declares End To Deep Impact Comet MissionA spacecraft that gave scientists their first peek into a comet's icy interior will explore no more, NASA said Friday.
NASA: Voyager 1 Becomes First Spacecraft To Leave Solar SystemNASA said Thursday that Voyager 1 has become the first spacecraft to ever leave the solar system.
Unmanned Air Force Space Plane Lands At Vandenberg Air Force BaseAn unmanned Air Force space plane steered itself to a landing early Saturday at a California military base, capping a 15-month clandestine mission.
2nd NASA Probe En Route To Moon On New Year's Day For the NASA team tasked with the latest lunar mission, New Year's Day seems like Groundhog Day.
NASA's 'Dawn' Spacecraft Beams Back New Images Of AsteroidNASA's Dawn spacecraft has been a fervent photographer, snapping more than 10,000 pictures of the asteroid Vesta since it slipped into orbit around the giant space rock last summer.
Virgin Galactic Looking For Test Pilots For Private SpaceshipsVirgin Galactic is seeking people with the right stuff.
NASA Craft Set For Valentine Rendezvous With Comet Just in time for Valentine's Day. After eyeing a comet for the past four years, a NASA spacecraft will finally make its move.

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