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LA County To Recount Prop. 29 Ballots After Single Voter Request

It’s been said that all that is needed to light a fire — or a cigarette — is a single match.


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Tax Hike On Cigarettes, Tobacco Products Headed For Defeat

Smokers can finally exhale after voters appear to have rejected a proposed tax increase on cigarettes and other tobacco products.


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Cal State Fullerton Becomes First CSU School To Ban Smoking On Campus

Cal State Fullerton has become the first California State University system school to adopt a campus-wide smoking ban.


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Pier, Parking Lot Smokers Face $100 Fine Under New Law In Hermosa Beach

A tough new campaign has turned several public places in Hermosa Beach into no-smoking zones.

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University Of California Bans Smoking, Tobacco On All Campuses

The University of California has banned smoking and the use of chewing tobacco on all ten of its campuses.

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Bye Bye Booie: Cigarette-Smoking Candy-Addicted Chimp Dead At 44

A famous chimpanzee who could beg for sweets using sign language and was addicted to cigarettes has died.

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Smoking To Blame For Mandeville Fire

Two men smoking are to blame for the Mandeville fire that burned earlier this week near Brentwood.

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Calif. Legislature Approves Ban On Rental-Unit Smoking

California landlords may soon be able to ban smoking on their properties, including rental units, if a new bill becomes law.

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FDA Issues New Graphic Cigarette Labels To Convey Dangers Of Smoking

Rotting teeth. Diseased lungs. A corpse of a smoker. Nine new warning labels that feature graphic images that convey the dangers of smoking will be required by the Food and Drug Administration to be on U.S. cigarette packs by 2012.

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California Supreme Court Lifts Deadlines For Tobacco Suits

The California Supreme Court has lifted legal deadlines for smokers who later develop diseases like lung cancer.


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Bill Would Expand Calif. Smoking Ban At Work

California was a pioneer in prohibiting tobacco use in the workplace during the 1990s, but the ban left loopholes that a state lawmaker now wants to close.


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Big Drop Seen In Kids’ Ear Infections

Health officials say there’s been a dramatic drop in the number of ear infections in young children.


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Study: Teens Who Smoke Have Less Decision-Making Ability

According to a new UCLA study, teens who smoke have less activity in the part of their brains that control decision-making.

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New Ban On Smoking Near Eateries Set To Take Effect

Starting next week, city officials will start to enforce smoke-free outdoor dining with a campaign called “Fresh Air Dining LA”.

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West Hollywood Proposes Sweeping New Smoking Ban

The city of West Hollywood will consider a new ordinance banning smoking in public areas.