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California Supreme Court Lifts Deadlines For Tobacco Suits

The California Supreme Court has lifted legal deadlines for smokers who later develop diseases like lung cancer.


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Bill Would Expand Calif. Smoking Ban At Work

California was a pioneer in prohibiting tobacco use in the workplace during the 1990s, but the ban left loopholes that a state lawmaker now wants to close.


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Big Drop Seen In Kids’ Ear Infections

Health officials say there’s been a dramatic drop in the number of ear infections in young children.


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Study: Teens Who Smoke Have Less Decision-Making Ability

According to a new UCLA study, teens who smoke have less activity in the part of their brains that control decision-making.

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New Ban On Smoking Near Eateries Set To Take Effect

Starting next week, city officials will start to enforce smoke-free outdoor dining with a campaign called “Fresh Air Dining LA”.

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West Hollywood Proposes Sweeping New Smoking Ban

The city of West Hollywood will consider a new ordinance banning smoking in public areas.



California Stays Mediocre In State Health Rankings

A new study says the people who live in Vermont are the healthiest, those in Mississippi rank as the unhealthiest, and Californians are somewhere in the middle.

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Black Lungs & Dead People: Anti-Smoking Pitch Gets Graphic

If you didn’t already know the health risks of smoking, the feds are set to use graphic imagery on cigarettes as a reminder.

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WeHo Residents Call For Smoking Ban

The city council will consider any potential fallout from the proposed ban on local businesses and tourism.

KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO–09/07/2010

Our hidden camera caught a City of L.A. employee smoking what appeared to be a pipe, while on duty at the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Department on June 21. (CBS)

Video Captures City Worker Smoking Pipe On Duty

Our cameras caught a City of L.A. employee lighting up and smoking something out of a pipe while on duty and earning your tax dollars. What was he smoking? That is what we wanted to know.