Smoking Ban

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UCI Backpedals On Allowing E-Cigarettes On Campus

After taking a stand as the only University of California campus to allow electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco, UC Irvine has reversed its decision under pressure from UC officials.


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Medical Marijuana Concerns Bring Down Santa Monica’s Proposed Ban On Residential Smoking

Santa Monica’s proposed residential smoking ban has failed because of the ordinance’s possible effect on medical marijuana users.



Cal State Fullerton Approves Campus-Wide Smoking Ban

Smoking has been banned at Cal State Fullerton.


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Cal State Fullerton Becomes First CSU School To Ban Smoking On Campus

Cal State Fullerton has become the first California State University system school to adopt a campus-wide smoking ban.


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City Officials: No Exception To Smoking Ban On Newport Beaches

Addiction recovery groups can’t get a special pass to smoke on Newport Beach’s pristine coasts, city officials have decreed.


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UC Campuses To Institute Strict Tobacco Ban

The University of California will ban smoking and tobacco products from all 10 of its campuses.


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West Hollywood Proposes Sweeping New Smoking Ban

The city of West Hollywood will consider a new ordinance banning smoking in public areas.