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KNX Spotlight: Smart Phones, Stupid Choices

Smart phones and tablets – they increase productivity, but at what price?


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Dim Traffic Sensors Dull How ‘Smart’ Local Freeways Are

Buried under thousands of miles of pavement are 27,000 traffic sensors that are supposed to help troubleshoot commutes and maintenance needs on some of the nation’s most heavily used roadways.


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Time Savers Or Time Wasters? Smartphones, Tablets Have Invaded Our Lives

With the announcement of yet another iPhone model soon to be on the market, experts say now is as good a time as any to start figuring out how much time you are willing to devote to the device.


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Lawmakers Mull Action To Stop ‘Criminal’ Phone Location Tracking

Representatives from firms like Apple and Google testified on Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary subcommittee tapped to investigate what’s being called “Locationgate”.


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Gas Prices May Push More Drivers To Go Electric

As the average price for gas hits $3.93 a gallon for regular unleaded, a new fleet of “smart” cars are expected to hit the streets today.