Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids

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Best Children’s Hair Salons In The Inland Empire

When it’s time to give your child a haircut, going to a regular adult salon just doesn’t seem very much fun. Devoid of car salon seats, and decorative accents, adult salons can be downright scary […]

CBS Los Angeles–01/16/2015

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Orange County Back-To-School Guide

School season is almost here and it’s time to begin preparing your kids for success. Your ultimate back-to-school guide boasts the best hair salons, supply stores and clothing boutiques Orange County has to offer.


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Best Kids Haircuts In Orange County

When your child needs a haircut and an adult hair salon just won’t do, check out these children’s hair salons that specialize in kids’ hair in Orange County. Rainbow Kids Hairstyling 7164 Edinger Avenue Huntington […]

CBS Los Angeles–02/22/2013