Yamilet Torrez won more than $1 million on scratchers. (credit: CBS)

Orange County Woman Makes More Than $1M From Scratcher Tickets

The 22-year-old lucky lady credited her 6-year-old daughter with the big win.


(credit: CBS)

O.C. Woman Wins More Than $1 Million In Incredible Streak Of Luck

A Santa Ana woman experienced an incredible streak of luck after winning three lottery prizes valued at more than $1 million.


Patricia Witt's winning $1 million ticket .(credit: CA

Taking Care Of Friend’s Cats Leads Woman To $1M Scratcher Win

Lottery fever? Cat scratch fever? Call this a combination of both.



Van Nuys Family Celebrates Christmas With $1M Lottery Win

After years of playing Scratchers, a Van Nuys family is celebrating Christmas with a lot more scratch. Make that $1 million in new holiday loot.


(credit: CBS)

LA Man Wins $1M In Lottery Scratcher

A Los Angeles man won $1 million with a California Lottery $10 Scratchers ticket, lottery officials announced Friday.


Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

California Lottery Launches Chargers Scratchers

For the first time in its history, the California Lottery is teaming up with the San Diego Chargers to put out a fantastic new Scratchers ticket that gives players a chance to win unique prizes […]