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Running On Empty: Water Saving

If you’re having trouble using less water, there are some ingenious products designed to help you.


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Top Five Free Date Ideas In Los Angeles

Dating and love don’t have to cost a fortune, especially when Los Angeles has so many fun free things to do.


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Money Saving And Budget Friendly Tips For Kids

Candice Cerro, a consumer savings expert from PromotionalCodes.com, visited the KCAL9 studios Thursday to share different ways to teach children savvy saving techniques.

CBS2 / KCAL9–08/27/2013

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Having A Baby? Charles Schwab Consultant Gives Financial Tips!

Casey Mervine, a Charles Schwab Financial Consultant, stopped by KCAL9 Tuesday to discuss financial tips for welcoming a newborn!

CBS2 / KCAL9–07/30/2013

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It’s Never Too Late To Start Saving For College

Charles Schwab financial consultant Casey Mervine stopped by KCAL9 Wednesday to discuss tips and trends of strategies for college financial planning.

CBS2 / KCAL9–09/12/2012

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Homeless To Multimillionaire, Dr. Joe Vitale Discusses Money Tips

From once being homeless to now being a multimillionaire, Dr. Joe Vitale stopped by KCAL 9 studios on Saturday to discuss some great tips on money and how to secure financial success.

CBS2 / KCAL9–06/30/2012

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East LA Homes Get Free Solar Panels, Energy-Saving Upgrades

A new community development program is making sure the Southland’s wealthiest households aren’t the only ones going green.

KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO–03/14/2012

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5 Easy Ways To Shave $1K Off Your Budget By Using The Internet

Regina Novickis visited the KCAL9 studios Wednesday to show viewers can shave $1,000 off their budget by using the Internet.

CBS2 / KCAL9–02/29/2012


New Site Offers Penny Auctions With A Twist

Familiar with penny auctions? Well, of course, the Internet has to put a new twist on it.

CBS2 / KCAL9–10/21/2010


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