Scientists Stumped By West Coast Sardine, Starfish Die-Off What is causing some marine life along the West Coast to disintegrate and die-off?
Health Officials: Avoid Eating Ventura Shellfish Health officials are warning seafood lovers to avoid shellfish, crustaceans and fish from Ventura County because dangerous levels of a nerve toxin have been detected in some species.
Thousands Of Fish Die in Ventura HarborOfficials say thousands of anchovies and sardines have died in Ventura Harbor after using up all their oxygen.
Victorville Composting Firm Turns 75 Tons Of Sardines Into FertilizerThe massive fish die-off in a King Harbor is benefiting a Mojave Desert composting firm that is recycling the stinking haul for use as fertilizer.
Something Fishy? Mystery Of Dead Sardines Might Be SolvedResearchers say the millions of sardines that were found floating dead in a Southern California marina this week tested positive for a powerful neurotoxin.
Road Krill? Thousands Of Dead Sardines Spill On The 215 In ColtonA natural disaster became a man-made disaster Friday when thousands of dead sardines that perished in a huge, unexplained die-off spilled onto a Southern California freeway as they were being hauled to a composting center.
King Harbor Expected To Smell Before Fish Cleanup Is CompleteIt could take a week -- and the smell could get pretty bad -- before crews manage to scoop and vacuum up tons of dead sardines from a Southern California marina.
Millions Of Dead Fish Headed For The Compost HeapMany of those millions of dead fish that floated into King Harbor Monday night are destined for a compost heap, according to authorities.
Clean-up Of Dead Fish Continues At Redondo Beach HarborCleanup crews are scheduled to return Wednesday to the site where millions of small fish, primarily sardines, were found dead at Redondo Beach's King Harbor.

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