Salary Scandal

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Pranksters Toilet-Paper Robert Rizzo’s Huntington Beach Home

First he was charged with 53 criminal counts in a public corruption scandal that has gained nationwide attention.


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Attorney: Bell Owes Rizzo Severance, Back Pay

An attorney for Robert Rizzo says the city of Bell owes the disgraced city manager severance and other benefits.


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Bell Councilman Arrested In Salary Scandal To Quit

One of the four Bell City Council members charged with illegally paying themselves and others in the modest Los Angeles suburb huge salaries says he plans to resign.


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Bell Cut Police Pensions, Boosted City Officials’ Pensions

The city of Bell cut pensions for new police officers at the same time it provided record-high pensions for former city manager Robert Rizzo and 40 other officials.


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Residents Turn In Petitions To Recall Bell Leaders

A group working to boot four City Council members of a scandal-ridden Los Angeles suburb out of office are headed to the Bell city clerk’s office to file their recall petitions.


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Bell Residents Suspected Corruption For Years

A few would-be whistleblowers suspected for years that leaders of this working-class Los Angeles suburb were secretly paying themselves six-figure salaries.


Eight current and former Bell city officials were arrested Tuesday. (credit: CBS)

Bell Officials Await Arraignment In Corruption Scandal

It’s been a long hot weekend in the L.A. County jail for four of the eight defendants in the City of Bell corruption case.

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Former Bell Assistant City Manager Freed On Bail

A former assistant city manager of the Southern California city of Bell is free on bail three days after she was arrested in a corruption probe.

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Bell residents were in an uproar when they found out that their city officials were earning as much as $800,000 annually and called for them to resign. (credit: CBS)

State Controller Says City Of Bell Must Repay Taxes

The California state controller’s office says the scandal-plagued city of Bell has been overtaxing its local businesses and must refund more than $2.1 million.


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Jerry Brown’s Office Files Lawsuits Against Bell Leaders

The California attorney general’s office sued eight former and current Bell city officials on Wednesday, accusing them of fraud, conspiracy and wasting taxpayers money by approving huge salary increases for themselves.


Bell Residents Protest High Salaries

Scandal-Ridden City Of Bell Must Return Tax Dollars

Homeowners in the small Southern California city of Bell should be receiving a total of $3 million in property tax refunds in the coming months.


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Ex-Bell Manager Robert Rizzo Pleads Guilty To DUI

Former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drunken driving, five months after he crashed into his neighbor’s mailbox in Huntington Beach.



Recall Petition Targets High-Paid Bell Officials

Residents of the small working-class city of Bell have filed petitions demanding the recall of four of their five City Council members.