Daytime TV Talk Show Producer Released From Jail After Being Accused Of Murdering Hearing-Impaired SisterHer credits include "The Jerry Springer Show," "Divorce Court," "The Tony Danza Show," "Family Court With Judge Penny," "Rosie" and "Sally Jessy Raphael."
Pets2Love: RosieRosie was rescued from the streets and is only 25 pounds now, but expected to be 40 pounds when full grown.
Huntington Beach Police Close To Identifying 1968 Murder VictimPolice are honing in on the identity of a woman who was found dead in a ditch more than 40 years ago.
Investigators Think They're Close To Identifying Woman Raped And Murdered In 1968Huntington Beach investigators Tuesday reported they have a solid lead on identifying a woman who was raped and murdered in 1968.

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