Roller Derby

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Southland Guide To Roller Skating Rinks

Roller Skating, once the most popular sport in the 1970’s, is making a resurgence in popularity here in the 2010’s. Check out the roller skating rink near you.

CBS Los Angeles–08/22/2013

Roller Derby Featured

Be a Jammer or Go Watch One: SoCal Roller Derby Guide

For many of you, here’s something completely different. Roller derby thrives in Southern California – if you’ve ever wanted to check out a bout for entertainment or even investigate joining a team, check out our guide to the teams in LA, OC, and the IE.

CBS Los Angeles–08/30/2012

The MSF DirtBike School

Best Alternative Sport & Fitness Activities In Los Angeles

It’s time to tread off the beaten path a bit and try your hand at some other activities.

CBS Los Angeles–08/25/2010

Artists salute after the rehearsal of the Cirque Berzek's show in Los Angeles, California

Best Activities You Wouldn’t Think To Do In Los Angeles

But if you’re tired of the usual and want to try your hand at something different for a change, here’s your list.

CBS Los Angeles–08/21/2010


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