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Best Up-And-Coming Visual Artists In Los Angeles

With world-class museums, art expositions, art schools and university programs abounding, Los Angeles offers up-and-coming artists nothing but opportunity. Here are five of the best up-and coming artists in the Los Angeles area.


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Best Date Ideas For Art Lovers In Los Angeles

These five choices offer dating couples a chance to grow together with the positive distractions that the greatest and most recent objects of art can invoke.


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Historic Religious Buildings In Los Angeles

Cultural diversity is part of the Southland’s history and well represented by the many historic churches of the area.


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Best Shops To Buy Affordable Art In Los Angeles

Art schools make California a destination for talented artists from across the nation. These shops and galleries showcase new and working artists, and with a little diligence, affordable art can be found.


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Best Filmmaking Classes And Workshops In Los Angeles

Whether one wishes for just an introduction or is ready for a degree, these five choices offer the best filmmaking classes anywhere.


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Best Spring 2014 Theater Productions In Los Angeles

Forget Broadway in New York City. Our Southland has plenty of quality theater productions – just consider LA “Broadway West.”


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Best Los Angeles Places To Celebrate Women’s History Month 2014

In the Southland, opportunities to celebrate women’s historic contributions abound.


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Best Art Supply Stores In Los Angeles

For practicing artists, the Southland has plenty of art supply stores with everything they may want.


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Best Museum Exhibits This Spring In Los Angeles

These five best museum exhibits bring in the spring with new insights and knowledge. Whether you’re looking for deep meaning or sublime sensibility, these choices offer starting points at any level one wishes.


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Best Upcoming Comedy Shows In Los Angeles

These selections offer a deeper sense of the great talent it takes to make people laugh – it’s a break from reality that is good for the soul.


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Best Spring Art Events In Los Angeles

Celebrate another spring through creative genius and interpretation or with realistic renditions.


A homeless man stops for a meal. (Getty Images)

Best Places To Give Back This Holiday Season In Los Angeles

Give back to those less fortunate this holiday season around Los Angeles.


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Best Holiday Celebrations In Los Angeles

These top five best holiday celebrations turn from the commercialized to the meaningful. These family-friendly celebrations bind and bring us all together for the season that reminds us of the most important things in life.


(credit:  Los Angeles Master Chorale)

Best Choirs In Los Angeles

All of these performing arts groups use their talents to accomplish a variety of community services, and as for entertainment, there are few regions in the world that offer more.


(credit: Suzanne Lummis)

Best Local Poets In Los Angeles

In the Southland, where entertainment is overly commercialized, these poets intimately entertain in a personal way.