Radiation From Japan

Dr. Travis Stork of "The Doctors." (credit: Frazer Harrison/GettyImages)

Dr. Stork Talks About Radiation Fears On ‘The Doctors’

Dr. Travis Stork from “The Doctors” stopped by the KCAL 9 studios on Tuesday to talk about the recent radiation fears and what to do if a disaster were to strike at home.

CBS2 / KCAL9–03/22/2011

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Radiation Fears Spawn Black Market For Potassium Iodide

With worries about radiation running high in Southern California, some people are trying to turn a quick buck off of people’s fallout fears.

CBS2 / KCAL9–03/21/2011

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Lawmakers Weigh Nuclear Safety After Earthquake In Japan

Can California’s nuclear plants and gas pipelines withstand a disaster like the one that hit Japan?


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Testing Finds No Health Threat Along West Coast

Minuscule amounts of radiation from Japan’s stricken nuclear plant have reached the west coast but federal and state officials say it poses no health risk.


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Extremely Low Levels Of Radiation Reach Southern California

A diplomat in Vienna says Japan’s radioactive fallout has reached Southern California, but first readings are “about a billion times beneath levels that would be health threatening.”


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Your Radiation Questions Answered

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Radiation from the compromised Fukushima Nuclear Plant in northern Japan is heading for the west coast, and will arrive sometime tomorrow in the late afternoon.  Many Angelenos are worried about the […]


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Radiation Plume Is Less Harmful Than A Dental X-Ray

Charles J. Gomer, an expert in radiation and photodynamic therapies, especially those used to treat cancer, says that the radiation cloud heading toward Los Angeles tomorrow is not dangerous. In fact, the radiation exposure we get from a dental x-ray or CT scan are far greater. Serene Branson reports.


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UC Irvine Professor Says Radiation Cloud From Japan Is Not Damaging

Professor Charlie Zender from UC Irvine says radiation from the compromised Fukushima Nuclear Plant in northern Japan Is heading for the west coast, and will arrive sometime tomorrow in the late afternoon.


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Send Us Your Radiation Questions, Concerns

Health and nuclear experts say there is absolutely no cause for alarm for the Southland over a plume of radiation heading from Japan’s damaged nuclear power plant. But concerns still remain. Send us your radiation-related […]


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LAX Passengers, Cargo Screened For Radiation Ahead Of Japan Plume

Detectors are now being used at LAX after low-level radiation has reportedly been found in Dallas and Chicago on passengers and planes coming in from Japan.


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Plume Of Radiation Moving Toward California Is Not Dangerous

Risks from possible radiation exposure remain greatest for the workers scrambling to cool reactors at a Japanese nuclear power plant.


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Feds Deploy More Radiation Monitors Along West Coast

Federal environmental regulators say they are adding more radiation monitors in the western United States and Pacific territories as concerns rise over exposure from damaged nuclear plants in Japan.


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Edison Defends Safety Of SoCal Nuclear Plant, But Residents Jittery

The City Council is facing pressure from some residents to oppose extension of San Onofre’s operating license beyond 2022, or even to seek shutdown now.


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Officials: Threat Of Radiation From Japan To California Low

The growing nuclear crisis in Japan has some Californians scrambling for potassium iodide tablets and personal radiation detectors, but officials say such a precaution is not necessary and can even be harmful.

KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO–03/15/2011