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Defendents Howard K. Stern (L), the longtime companion of Anna Nicole Smith, and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor (R) are on trial in connection furnishing drugs to Smith. (credit:ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Anna Nicole Prosecutor Accused Of Encouraging Perjury

Howard K. Stern’s lawyer angrily accused a prosecutor Tuesday of encouraging perjury by a key witness at the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy trial.


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Woman Retracts Previous Claim At Anna Nicole Trial

A key witness at the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy trial has retracted a previous statement that she saw Smith’s boyfriend Howard K. Stern inject the former Playboy model.


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Strange Twist In Anna Nicole Smith Case

In a strange twist in the Anna Nicole Smith drug trial, a former nanny gave a dramatic account outside the jury’s presence but was unable to repeat the details for the jury.


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Nanny: Bloody Syringes In Anna Nicole’s Bathroom

A nanny who worked for Anna Nicole Smith in the last months of her life says she saw the model’s boyfriend and psychiatrist take her into a bathroom where she found bloody syringes and other items.