Scent Bar Experts Know Just How To Bewitch The OlfactoriesFinding the right blend of floral, spice and woodsy scents to play up a woman’s natural essence is not the simplest of undertakings. The experts behind the counter at Scent Bar have a first grasp of this delicate art form, having tested and savored the more than 700 perfumes on their shelves.
Best Places To Make Your Own Perfume In Los AngelesPerfume is a classic distinction of your personality. Los Angeles has a variety of scent experts sprinkled throughout the city – we sniffed out the best ones as your guide to creating a personalized fragrance just for you.
Britney Spears Sued For Breach Of Contract In Perfume SuitLawyers for a company that provides licensing opportunities for Britney Spears and which sued the singer and her father for breach of contract want a judge to order her to submit to a deposition.
Aniston Sets Sights On Non-Comedy Movie Roles Actress Jennifer Aniston says some non-comedy movie projects are in her future.
'9021-Eau'? Beverly Hills To Launch Its Own ScentsAh, there's nothing like the sweet smell of success. That's what this bastion of ostentatious wealth wants you to believe -- quite literally.

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