New Study Says Most People In LA Are Having A Tough Time Paying Their Rentin the LA/OC metro area, almost 60 percent of renters are "burdened," which means more than 30 percent of their income goes to rent.
New App Allows Diners To Pay With Their PhonesWith TabbedOut, users provide the app with personal information and when it's time to pay at a bar or restaurant that uses the app, it's as simple as letting your server or bartender know that's how you'd like to pay.
Malware Affected 56M Payment Cards In Home Depot BreachHome Depot says 56 million payment cards affected by data breach between April and September.
LAPD Warns Public About New LADWP Phone Scam The Los Angeles Police Department is warning the public about a new scam targeting LADWP customers.
Glendale Councilman Wants DreamWorks To Pay Up For Pres. Obama’s VisitA Glendale councilman believes DreamWorks should foot some of the bill for increased security for President Barack Obama’s visit last month.
Riders Can Now Use PayPal For Car-Hailing App UberRide-share car service Uber is now letting its users pay for their rides using PayPal.
Lakers Reportedly Pay Kobe $24M In Balloon PaymentFriday means pay day for many Angelenos, but for Kobe Bryant, this is no ordinary paycheck.
Verizon Scraps Plan To Charge Some Customers $2 'Convenience Fee'Verizon announced Friday that it is scrapping a plan to charge customers a $2 fee if they pay their bills over the phone or online with a credit card.
Experian Adds Rent Payments To Credit ReportsThe Experian consumer credit reporting firm has added rent payment histories to its reports.

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