AIT scanners see through clothing to photograph the entire body to reveal undisclosed objects. Increasing use of the scanner at airports by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is being met with outrage by many US travelers. Passengers who refuse an X-ray scan are required to undergo an intimate pat down by TSA agents.

TSA To Debut New Airport Scanner, But No Plans For LAX Upgrade

A new and reportedly non-blush-inducing airport security scanner could be coming to an airport near you — just not to the nation’s third-busiest travel hub.

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TSA Forces Leukemia Patient, 95, To Remove Soiled Diaper For Airport Patdown

The daughter of a 95-year-old leukemia patient said she was “emotionally distraught” after airport security officers forced her mother to remove her soiled adult diaper during a pat-down.


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Lawmaker: TSA Targeted Child, ‘Little Old Lady’, Ignored Man In Arab Garb

A member of the House Homeland Security says the TSA shouldn’t be focusing their pat-down efforts on “the general public”.



Brian Williams: TSA Groped ‘Dave And The Twins’ At LAX

Nightly news host Brian Williams said it was “such a joy” to be treated like every other American by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) upon his arrival at LAX.


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TSA Hopes LAX Choir To Ease Pat-Down Pain

A group of seventeen singers and musicians makes up the “TSA Choir” that has caught travelers off-guard with their impromptu performances at the nation’s second-busiest airport.


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Inventor Sells TSA Scanner-Busting Underwear

As the Thanksgiving travel season kicks into high gear, a Colorado man says ’tis the season for one gift whose time has come: tungsten-lined underwear.


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Travel Tips To Avoid TSA ‘Gate Grope’

If you’ve decided to fly during this Thanksgiving weekend, you may want to brace for potential delays due to new security measures, and be prepared by knowing what your options are before you get to the gate.



TSA Calls For Vigilance Amid Airport Patdown Debate

Passengers are being asked to “say something” if they see suspicious activity at an airport, but the campaign may fall on deaf ears after the infamous “don’t touch my junk” video.


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No Pat-Down, No-Fly List? Air Travel Gets Even Friskier

Amid a renewed terror threat and ever-changing security measures, more passengers are likely to become disgruntled this holiday travel season – and it might even get them grounded.