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Jukebox Jury: Do Kids Need Their Own Music?

Welcome to Jukebox Jury, our new music debate show where experts face off and a jury of fans decides the winner. THE CASE: If you’ve ever seen a newborn in a onesie emblazoned with a […]



Expert Tips On Helping Your Child Adjust To The School Year

Dr. Phil Dembo appeared on KCAL9 News on Sunday morning with tips for parents on helping your child adjust to the new school year.


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Dr. Jennifer Jones Discusses Her Secrets On Parenting, Love And Happiness

Dr. Jennifer Jones stopped by KCAL 9 Studios Monday to discuss her secrets on parenting, love and happiness.

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Parenting Peer Pressure

Experts Offer Advice On Surviving Parental Peer Pressure

There’s a lot of pressure and doubt that comes with being a parent but family therapists say it’s important for parents to remember they are the experts when it comes to raising their own children.


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More Parents Delaying Kindergarten To Give Their Kids An Advantage

Some parents will do whatever they can to give their children an edge. “Redshirting” is a new trend sees many parents delaying kindergarten a year to give their kids an advantage in class, and in life.


She did what??!!

First Beyonce breastfeeds her newborn in public… now Alicia Silverstone spits food in her child’s mouth. Time for me to weigh-in…


Winter, 2011 (Credit: Kristine Lazar)

Mom clothes

My husband recently told me I dress like my mother. My mother.


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More Mothers Using Placenta Pill To Combat Postpartum Depression

Having a baby changes everything. But for one in five mothers those changes involve a serious, and often silent disease — postpartum depression. Now, more moms are fighting that fate by putting a new spin on an age-old practice.

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You Take The Good AND The Bad…

I have been writing my blog for a few weeks now, so I thought it was time to introduce you to my son, Griffin.


Kristine, 9 months pregnant and her husband Mike (credit: Erik Oginski)

From Skinny Jeans To Stretch Pants

Doctors recommend pregnant women, of average weight, gain 25 to 35 pounds during their pregnancy. I gained 60.


Kristine with her son, Griffin (credit: Kristine Lazar)

Blog: “Honey, We Have A Biter!”

My son has his first crush. Her name is Stella, and he has shown his love by biting her… twice.



Diet Tips To Keep Mothers Energized For New School Year

Ashley Koff offers health and diet tips in her new book “Mom Energy: A Simple Plan To Live Fully Charged”, that helps mothers increase their energy and keep up with their hectic schedules.

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gun tot

Early Rejects In Our “Parents of the Week” Contest

What, you hadn’t heard we’re having a contest? Well, after looking at these pictures, we’re not.



What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

One mom on what her heart really desires for Mother’s Day.



Top Mom Myths

Moms always have words of wisdom for us. But they’re not always right. Let’s debunk our favorite mommy-isms.