Audit Says Jail Releases Jumped 37 Percent After Realignment

The number of inmates being released by county jails increased by 37 percent statewide during the first three years after California began sending lower-level offenders to local lockups instead of state prisons, state auditors said Tuesday.


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‘Operation Safe Halloween’ Targets LA County Child Sex Offenders

Probation officers in Los Angeles County conducted “compliance checks” Friday at the homes of dozens of child sex offenders as part of “Operation Safe Halloween”, authorities said.


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Governor Brown Issues 63 Pardons On Good Friday

Gov. Jerry Brown is keeping with his tradition of offering pardons to convicted offenders on Christian holidays, announcing on Good Friday that he issued 63 pardons.


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Study: County Approaches Differ On Prison Reforms

A university study released Friday of how counties are spending $4.4 billion to implement Gov. Jerry Brown’s prison realignment law found that nearly 20 percent have fundamentally changed how they approach criminal justice.


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3 Strikes Law Reformed, Fewer Harsh Sentences

California voters reined in the nation’s harshest three strikes law Tuesday with the passage of a ballot measure that allows for shorter sentences for some third-time offenders.

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Calif. Inmate Realignment Puts Pressure On County Jails

The jails in Riverside County east of Los Angeles were finally catching up with the region’s rapid growth when state lawmakers passed legislation that assigned thousands of inmates who would have gone to prison to their local lock-ups instead.


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Border Patrol To Target Repeat Immigration Offenders In Strategy Shift

Even with illegal immigration numbers plunging to 40-year lows, the U.S. Border Patrol is revamping its strategy.


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Riverside County Jails At 99-Percent Capacity Amid State Realignment Plan

Riverside County jails are beginning to see the ugly side of California’s prison realignment program.


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Report: Thousands Of Calif. Sex Offenders Living, Working With Foster Kids

A new report from the California state auditor shows as many as 1,000 sex offenders are either living or working in the state foster care system.

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2 Inmates Still At Large Following Escape From Work Crew

Police are still trying to track down 2 prison inmates, who escaped from a work crew in North Hollywood Friday.


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Hollywood Producer Wants To Ban Sex Offenders

Officials say they have already begun to cross-reference members with a national sex offender database, but the process may take months to implement.


Survey Finds Calif. Recidivism Rate Tops 50 Percent

States spend $52 billion a year to put people who break the law behind bars. But what happens to many ex-convicts after they get out of prison?